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If you had a PPI Win through Claim Eazy you could be owed a lot more due to the Plevin Rule.

Plevin refers to a Mrs Susan Plevin, who brought a PPI claim with Paragon Finance. However, a massive 71.8% of Mrs Plevin’s PPI sale was commission.

In 2014, a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court deemed that this was also a form of mis-selling and, as such, Mrs Plevin quite rightfully won her case.

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What Does This Mean to Me and How is it Connected to PPI?

This Supreme Court ruling determined that if the lender did not disclose the commission that they received for the PPI then you may be entitled to a full refund of the PPI in total plus interest.

The Plevin rule means thousands more people can lodge a complaint to claim money back and it even allows those who have previously made an unsuccessful claim to claim again.

The rule states that if over 50% of your PPI was commission, you can make a claim.

The Financial Conduct Authority reported that at the very height of the scandal the average commission on PPI was around 67%.

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